The Clot Thickens: The enduring mystery of heart disease

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The Clot Thickens: The enduring mystery of heart disease

The Clot Thickens: The enduring mystery of heart disease

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Regarding arteries and veins, this is going to be a kind of a question. Your question in your book was, why not plague in veins. Perdu actually created entire new areas of medical thought regarding pain management that was specifically done to make prescribing their medication all but certain. If you’ve loved listening to this podcast you might enjoy the Elly Griffiths newsletter, which is where you’ll find all the latest updates on Elly’s books, exclusive content, offers and competitions. Sign up here.

The Plot Thickens - Meaning and Origins | Know Your Phrase The Plot Thickens - Meaning and Origins | Know Your Phrase

Just to give you one example of what happens if you loosen the tight junctions between cells, we can look at the Ebola virus. This virus opens up the tight junctions between endothelial cells. At which point the endothelial barrier function is critically compromised, and blood can now escape into the tissues, and organs. It is increasingly clear that all aspects of the haemostatic [blood clotting] system are involved: not only in the acute occlusive event, but also in all stages of atherosclerotic plaque development from the initiation of atherogenesis to the expansion and growth of large plaques. Aside 3 – at church, the (elderly) priest and myself are the only ones who don’t wear a mask all the way through (my Mum and Aunt didn’t wear one going in but put them on insides – apparently this is to help the others feel comfortable).I rather doubt if that would make a big difference. Perhaps more likely that sportsmen and women make tremendous physical efforts while playing, which stresses their hearts and circulation. A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it”. Anyway, in the face of one of the largest medical/pharmaceutical revenue-generating of these widespread modern urban/industrialized societal conditions, you are the only person of whom I am aware who has done the hard work to develop a credible thesis, or set of theses, for CVD and ischemia. In the first scenario, the majority needs to be convinced that what the governments are doing is wrong and the governments will stop the Covid nonsense to win elections.

The Clot Thickens | Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

hi again Dr K – just following up on insulin… I wonder if the primary function of insulin being to transport glucose into cells means that it has some kind of power to weaken cell walls which might explain why it might be damaging. Noakes covers A LOT of ground in this video- from pre-hominids, to modern man. In general he does it rather well (although JMHO, information in the chart at about 25:30 could have been much better presented). Those of us who have done time on the USDA’s 1977 Food Pyramid diet (shown and commented on in the Noakes video), and then later discovered the Low-Carb Diet, are certain of its necessity if we suffer any type of “diabetes”. ……..And then, once bitten, we must move on to general skepticism regarding any advisories coming from government health bureaucracies. Whatever health disciplines are any good, will become evident in good time.Got the book three days ago. Read the whole thing. Very impressive. Loved the dry wit humor. Now have to re-read it to understand it a little better. Loved the biochemistry/endocrinology.

Plot thickens - Idioms by The Free Dictionary Plot thickens - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

I’d like to know more about Body Mass Index and longevity as studies conclude that overweight people fare best. Paywalls make enquiry difficult.

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I think Smartersig is trying to identify those “causes” that provide the highest Risk of causing heart disease in many people. Smoking is probably high up in such a list.

The Clot Thickens by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick - by RootCause MD The Clot Thickens by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick - by RootCause MD

Surprisingly, dairy products (such as cheese, butter, or milk) in the study were not connected with the risk of stroke,” he added. This finding differs from results of meta-analyses of multiple cohort studies of dairy intake and stroke and the recent large international PURE study, which showed that dairy intake was associated with a lower risk for stroke.” The plaque grows – due to deposition of new blood clots on top of the existing plaque (which has become a point of clotting vulnerability) I have to say that before you mention Ruth Jones as Ruth , I had already had that vision. I do love Williams Zoe . She reminded me of my daughter when she was a teenager. She seems such a real character. If one had had a primary vaccination of either the AZ or Pfizer intra cellular mRNA vaccine, would not a “booster “ vaccination of the more old school type, ie the Valneva vaccine be safer and more efficacious? “I agree with your approach and although I am trying to get a deeper understanding of the biochemistry, a few short cuts are welcome. Dr K has spoken about endothlial damage as being the start of the whole process of cvd. And that has many roues, HPA disfunction, and other stress / cortisol related problems, and insulin/insulin resistance being main factors that induce a potentially damaging situation. But OO has received so much press, I think the question is justified, no? In Cholesterol Con Dr K “reluctantly” (ha!) concedes that omega 3’s have a positive impact. So isn’t it a fair question? What do you think? I’m not a biochemist, but I am trying to be one. You seemed to go hot and cold about alcohol consumption. You said that the body consumes alcohol as its preferred fuel – thus causing it not to consume all its glucose. I thought I had read from you or someone that although alcohol contains a lot of calories these are just wasted (maybe as heat?). Looking it up, I see that alcohol dehydrogenase does indeed produce NADH as it oxidises alcohol. Laying that admittedly complex issue to one side for the moment, and trying to keep things concrete, rather than abstract, the inescapable fact is that many, many, different factors can increase the risk of/cause cardiovascular disease. So, how can they all be fitted together into a unified theory?

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