Diaper Store Intern - Lesbian ABDL: A Younger Woman/Older Woman MD/LG Story

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Diaper Store Intern - Lesbian ABDL: A Younger Woman/Older Woman MD/LG Story

Diaper Store Intern - Lesbian ABDL: A Younger Woman/Older Woman MD/LG Story

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What happens when Big Laura discovers Maria's secret? And will Maria be able to keep from dropping when all the other Littles are having so much fun? Series Luni_Ambrose Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Captain America (Movies), Captain America - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Regina gave a small shrug and smiled. “Just that easy, dear dragon.” Language: English Words: 23,619 Chapters: 5/10 Comments: 199 Kudos: 755 Bookmarks: 134 Hits: 20,014 At this point, she didn't see much of an option. There was no way she was going to willingly wear diapers, so the bet was the only option she could consider. She just hoped she could make it to bathroom more often than she had in the past week. "I'll take the bet."

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A smattering of one-shots to do with little Emma and caregiver Regina. Language: English Words: 25,017 Chapters: 10/? Collections: 1 Comments: 200 Kudos: 306 Bookmarks: 31 Hits: 7,813 She felt the cramp cause a push in her bowels and she helplessly spread her legs to accommodate what she knew was coming next. She let out a bit of a grunt as the cramp forced another push in her bowels, only this time it was accompanied by a warm mush spreading into the seat of her pull-up. She once again felt frozen in place as her body forced the large mess into her pull-up. By the time it was done spreading across her bottom, she felt the familiar warmth between her legs as her bladder gave out as well, soaking her now messy pull-up. Deciding she had given up on all chances of love, that all changed after a one night stand that lead up to something that could be much more. Language: English Words: 23,796 Chapters: 3/3 Comments: 101 Kudos: 551 Bookmarks: 90 Hits: 17,958

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Yes mummy I am” replied Harriet. “I did a pee pee in my diapers like a baby” said Harriet in a baby voice.

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She needs a bottle in bed. I’ve just changed her so she shouldn’t need changing again until bed unless she poops herself” As a reader I dont understand the motivation that her mom and dad would have for totally babying the one girl while letting the other girl be so normal. You started off by telling us that Harriet is of average intelligence. THEN you said she never learned the potty because she is a slow learner. Now, even the slowest of slow learners can learn how to use a potty by the time they are 17, whether the parents know how to teach them or not. Your whole reasoning about why she wears diapers is screwed up, PLUS we now don't know if the kid has an average IQ or is a slow learner (or a complete idiot for that matter).

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For her part, though, Christy still had no idea. It was just like before, only this time the result was much more embarrassing. "Y-Yeah, I just... I felt a cramp. I really tried to get to the bathroom, but... I didn't make it." Her cheeks were blushing a bright red at this point as she admitted to pooping her pants. Hyacinth was a nature spirit for many centuries until a wizard in search of a laboratory assistant summoned her into humanoid form. She loves all of the new opportunities that this form brings, but she hasn't quite gotten used to some of the challenges that it presents. For example, she's never had to use a "bathroom" before, and this concept still eludes her. Emma needs to take better care of herself. Regina has a hard time discussing her feelings.They're helping each other, one day at a time. After giving that thought a bit of consideration, Christy finally relented. "Alright, just... don't let the kids see you bringing them in or anything, okay?" Well you are my little baby aren’t you” said Lisa. “I’m going to leave you and change you when you go to bed” said Lisa. They heard a car pull up and a few minutes later George poked his head in the door.

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Bobbi and Clint have just returned from a two week long mission and want to spend a romantic evening at home with their girlfriend, Natasha. Holly is in little space, and Dan comes home drunk. Will Arin come to take care of the little they both promised to take care of? Language: English Words: 1,895 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 41 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 1,084 Don't try to tell us there is anything normal about this character, and then go on to describe what you did. If this is her home life, there is nothing whatsoever that anyone would call normal about it lol.She wasn't disappointed. As soon as the word 'diaper' left her mouth, Christy was already shaking her head. "No way! I'm NOT wearing a diaper, Stacy, I'm not a baby! I told you this last time!" Even the thought of wearing a diaper was just humiliating for her at this point and she wasn't having any of Stacy's suggestion that she actually wear them. Samantha was your average 10 year old, and Lexi was your average 17 year old. What happens when Sam learns the power of hypnosis and uses Kira as her test subject? Read to find out! RomanoffonamoR Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) Language: English Words: 42,204 Chapters: 17/17 Comments: 211 Kudos: 482 Bookmarks: 54 Hits: 16,550

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Until a jealous ex, a malicious fairy, and a pair of ignorant parents decide they know what’s best for the Saviour.. Also know as; The baby nordics fic no one asked for. Language: English Words: 774 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 47 Hits: 1,478 Every angel is born with an enochian symbol. The enochian symbol indicated whether or not the baby would eventually be bought by an agency that sells "babies". Castiel was one of these unfortunate children. Language: English Words: 8,317 Chapters: 3/? Comments: 14 Kudos: 107 Bookmarks: 15 Hits: 6,276 I know,” said Jodie. She had babysat for them before and knew the routine. She had a baby brother and was often left in charge of him as her mum worked some nights. Emma doesn't really mind the way Regina bosses her around or how she always seems to be so tactile around her, but there’s always the unanswered question of what are they to each other? Language: English Words: 39,973 Chapters: 9/10 Comments: 226 Kudos: 724 Bookmarks: 108 Hits: 21,527

Things started to get out of hand by the third week. She'd wet her pants every day by the time Stacy finally stepped in on Thursday, pulling her aside after helping her change out of another pair of wet pants. "Christy, I know this has to be humiliating for you and you can't really help it, but... I think you should really consider wearing a bit of protection. Just until all of this stops happening, it'd save a bit on clean up and, ya'know, save you a bit of embarrassment in front of all the kids." Emma didn't have the best childhood, or any childhood at all really. Regina is there to help her remedy that. As she made her way around the corner towards the bathroom, the urge turned into a cramp in her bowels and she found herself forced to stop just short of the bathroom door. Her hands went to her bottom, trying desperately to hold it in just a little longer. She carefully took a step, managing to barely hold it in as she did so. She took one hand off her bottom and opened the bathroom door, taking another step into the bathroom. The toilet was in sight now, but as took another step towards it she felt her bowels begin to move. She made another desperate attempt to hold it in, but this time it didn't quite work out. Follow Regina and Emma’s relationship and lives in Boston, Storybrooke, and beyond through this series of one-shots. Our wing.” Mal said. “She needs it Regina, you and I both know it. And she’s special, there is so much more to that girl out there.”

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