Sit Down, Magic Maze, Strategy Card Game, Ages 8+, 1-8 Players, 15+ Minutes Playing Time

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Sit Down, Magic Maze, Strategy Card Game, Ages 8+, 1-8 Players, 15+ Minutes Playing Time

Sit Down, Magic Maze, Strategy Card Game, Ages 8+, 1-8 Players, 15+ Minutes Playing Time

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It just kinda depends on your player group, but that’s often the case with a lot of these sorts of games ( Fog of Love, Hanabi, any game where communication is limited in some way). There’s only so much grist for the mill in ‘I was expecting you to do X but you didn’t and that meant I couldn’t do Y’. All of the characters will begin the game on the starting tile and you will expose more tiles as the game progresses. With a completely new group, you might play some training scenarios multiple times until they win, just so they can gain confidence in the system. The contestant would spend 10 minutes in a frantic haze before throwing everything into their trolley as fast as they can.

What’s funnier is in never wanting the ire of the Pawn of Passive Aggression, you’ll watch the board so intensely you’re more likely to miss your turn to move the characters. The “do something” pawn keeps the game fun and energetic without bogging down in feelings of futility. And Magic Maze is quirky enough and fun enough that it’s a good game to show off to people wary of hobby games, so it has a utility beyond just games that hold my interest. Ventilation shafts: the dwarf can open ventilation shafts for all the heroes to move quickly from one end of it to the other. That’s because she saw what Michael didn’t – that if someone would just move the purple pawn to the south it would land on a crystal ball tile that would permit two free draws of exploration tiles independent of colour.Well, I’ve already covered last year’s SdJ winner ( Kingdomino) another nominee ( The Quest for El Dorado), and the kid’s SdJ ( Ice Cool); makes sense that I should probably round out the SdJ nominees and talk about Magic Maze. Each hero must first be positioned on the item they have to steal and then all speed to the exit before the timer runs out.

Codenames at its best gives you something to talk about even if it does require long periods of intense cogitation in place of the conversation for which you might have been hoping.Many people absolutely love Magic Maze, and even the ones that don’t love it seem to find it a fun experience.

These pawns represent the heroic adventurers who have broken into the eponymous ‘Magic Maze’ to steal replacement weapons after their own were… something. The green pawn, when exploring from a green space, also permits a few moments of snatched conversation.Once all your pawns get onto the square that contains the loot, everyone steals what they came in to steal, and then you all need to make your way to the exits. I played with someone who had recently had foot surgery; we tried to fill in some gaps for him, but it was difficult for him to be as involved as some of the other players. The one problem with this game is that the theme is weak and that makes explaining what you are doing in the game quite a bit tougher. Just in front of them; no using it to signal that you want them to use an action (if their Action Tile has more than one). The Portal player should especially be doing this early on, as they can always portal Purple back to the Start and move it to that first timer space.

The game is won when all the pawns have exited using the doors of their color before the timer runs out. Wall breaches: the barbarian can breach the walls of the mall for all the heroes to move through it. This leads to some unintentional cheating, and makes your victory feel cheap, or makes the group feel a bit daft that they didn’t see the time run out.I can say that it is pure fun now, and if you, like me, are a fan of cooperative games with a gimmick, you owe it to yourself to try Magic Maze. Magic Maze feels like that to me – a game that expects me to delight in miscommunication and misunderstandings. This happens sometimes, as when the heroes are moving in the direction you own, you’re constantly moving them and being active. This is the point in the game where you take the large red piece that was spare and bang it uncomfortably down next to that player. Since the entire game is played silently (with the occasional moment to strategize), you may not feel like you’re playing a game that’s going to be a lot of fun.

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