City of Thieves (Fighting Fantasy)

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City of Thieves (Fighting Fantasy)

City of Thieves (Fighting Fantasy)

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Even if you get items to help, towards the end of the book you have to engage in some fights were, even under the best scenario, odds are stacked against you. So you've trawled all the way through the book to find you have a totally random 2 in 3 chance of failing for no fault of your own. I would probably try City of Thieves first since it was (in my opinion) the easiest in the series and has some excellent illustrations. This is one of the few Fighting Fantasy books where it's quite easy to find everything you need for a successful completion as long as you explore thoroughly. I guess it is also something pushed down upon us from above, so that we will always see our country as being the white, and anything opposed to our country as black.

Port Blacksand ist ein tolles Setting mit einer ganzen Reihe an mehr oder weniger verqueren Begegnungen. And the artwork of Iain McCaig is some of the best in the entire series (I do wish he'd have drawn stuff for more books). Unfortunately Cian decided to walk past some dangerous city guards and when we couldn't bribe them we had to kill them, leading to an escape from the city which we could not enter again. It was wonderful to revisit Port Blacksand after all of these years, but I'm afraid I have to be that kid who points out that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes. Totally loved the atmosphere and setting of Port Blacksand, twists and storyline were really good ones too, and this thrilling rogue-style adventure gave me hours and hours of fun, with a massive deaths count of 10-15 because I tried to finish it without cheating or using easy to find internet solutions and walkthroughs .In the Wizard "Series 2" edition, instead of rolling the stats for a character as per tradition in Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, the player has the option of choosing a pregenerated character from three choices (see "Further Notes" below for choices). The entire book is delightful in the same sense as that image, and it’s a great find for anyone who enjoys fantasy, roleplaying, or solving puzzles. Port Blacksand, the titular city of thieves, is a fascinating place for exploration and skullduggery. In this book you are a seasoned adventurer who has arrived in a small town that is being bullied by an evil undead warlock named Zanzar Bone.

Hired by a desperate mayor, the player must as the adventurer journey to the dangerous city-state of Port Blacksand (the titular "City of Thieves"), and find the wizard Nicodemus, who apparently knows of Bone's one weakness. An action-packed, twisty-turny Fighting Fantasy novel set in one of that world's most notorious cities - Port Blacksand, a place that makes inner city London look like the Bahamas. The book is full of traps and often times there is no way to know which outcome is favorable and which - not. My trouble began at the city gates, where one of the city’s guards refused to let me into the city until I’d bribed him. There are also lots and lots of situations that need to be handled carefully, with one wrong move leading to possible death or the failure of the mission.In City of Thieves, you are a hearty adventurer who wanders into the town of Silverton, which is beset by attacks from the villanous Zanzar Bone. The monster variety was more consistent with what I would see in a seedy city and the activities were engaging. I got way too invested in this for several days and second only to almost getting hit by a car on my bike in the dark. The full-page illustrations in the book were accompanied with a caption giving a short extract from the text. I was then given the option to say ‘ahem’ to him loudly… I have no idea why I’d want to, but given that I’d already played volleyball with one semi-naked man and the only women I’d seen in this city so far had been mad old crones, I decided to take the gamble and do so.

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