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Most notably, Cyril Ritchard played Captain Hook in the 1954 musical adaptation which starred Mary Martin as Peter Pan. George Rose played the role in the 1977 revival which featured Sandy Duncan as Pan. Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man • Venom • Green Goblin • Miles Morales • Lizard • Rhino • Doctor Octopus • Iron Spider • Spider-Gwen • Kraven the Hunter • Hobgoblin Strength: Despite his thin build, James appears to possess incredible physical strength, demonstrated when he lifts Smee and holds him upside down solely with his hook, and when he uses one arm to throw Mr. Starkey overboard. Alice in Wonderland: Alice • Mad Hatter • March Hare • Dormouse • White Rabbit • Cheshire Cat • Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee • Queen of Hearts • King of Hearts • Caterpillar • Dinah • Oysters

In the Underworld, Hook somehow became a prisoner to the Ruler of the Underworld, Hades. Hook became trapped in an underground prison where he along with another prisoner, Megara were being guarded by Cerberus. Through unexplained events, Hook became badly injured, possibly trying to escape from the prison. Eventually, Hook and Megara made an attempt to escape together, although Megara informed Hook they wouldn't make it, Hook replied they wouldn't but Megara could. Hook told Megara to leave and find Emma and while she made her escape, Hook stayed behind to distract Cerberus. Eventually, Hook was brought to Hades to be guarded. Later, Hades informed Hook that Megara was able to move on from the Underworld and while Hook was glad for her, Hades was angered. He decided that as a way to replace the dead souls that had left the Underworld, Hades told Hook that three of his friends had to be chosen to stay in the Underworld and told Hook that he had to make the decision of who would stay. Adapted from the long knives used by the early buccaneers to butcher their meat, it had a blade length of about two feet, and was slightly curved with a single edge. With its relatively short blade the cutlass proved to be a very effective fighting tool in the confined area of a ship. STINKPOT Reif, Alex (8 September 2022). "TV Recap: "The Simpsons: Welcome to the Club" Brings Disney Villains to Springfield". LaughingPlace.com . Retrieved 9 September 2022.Big Hero 6: Hiro • Baymax • Fred • Wasabi • Honey Lemon • Go Go Tomago • Tadashi Hamada • Yokai • Mochi Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: " Down the Rabbit Hole" • " Trust Me" • " Forget Me Not" • " The Serpent" • " Heart of Stone" • " Who's Alice?" • " Bad Blood" • " Home" • " Nothing to Fear" • " Dirty Little Secrets" • " Heart of the Matter" • " To Catch a Thief" • " And They Lived..." Pocahontas: Pocahontas • Flit • Meeko • Percy • Grandmother Willow • Governor Ratcliffe • Colors of the Wind Pocahontas While making Treasure Planet, Glen Keane used Captain Hook to study the movement of the mechanical arm for John Silver.

Captain Hook plots to murder Peter Pan once again and gain his treasure all at the same time. His first part of the plan is to kidnap Wendy to lure Peter to his doom and thus he travels via his ship (which still had some of Tink's pixie dust) to London during the Second World War. Likely having lost the concept of the passage of time/aging due to his time in Neverland, he mistakenly takes Wendy's daughter, Jane. Alice in Wonderland: Alice • White Rabbit • Cheshire Cat • Mad Hatter • Caterpillar • The Queen of Hearts • Doorknob • King of Hearts • Little Oysters • House Alice • Rose • March Hare An animatronic Hook is also featured in the Magic Kingdom's version of Peter Pan's Flight. During the springtime, a topiary of Hook can be seen in World Showcase in Epcot.

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Hook seeks revenge on Peter Pan for having fed the crocodile his left hand and refuses to leave Neverland prior to this revenge. [13] Throughout the film, Hook is supported by Mr. Smee. After promising Tinker Bell not to lay a finger (or a hook) on Peter Pan, he plants a bomb in Peter's hideout (instead of Barrie's vial of poison). At the conclusion of the film, Hook is chased by the crocodile into the distance, with the rest of the crew trying to save Hook. Walt Disney insisted on keeping Hook alive, as he said: "The audience will get to liking Hook, and they don't want to see him killed." [10] Other film appearances [ edit ] When he was nearly eaten by either a crocodile or an octopus in both movies, Hook's outfit is always in shreds and sometimes losing one of his shoes and his pants or being barefoot. Murphy, Ryan (5 January 1992). "Dustin Hoffman takes all roles seriously -- Hook, too". The Baltimore Sun. Archived from the original on 28 December 2018 . Retrieved 28 December 2019. Toys and Merchandise • Mobile Application (Disney and Star Wars) • Mobile Application (Marvel) • Television Shorts • Kingdom Hearts Union χ • Disney Tsum Tsum Festival • Twisted Wonderland Hook and Peter serve as the stern characters on the Disney Treasure, with Hook angrily shaking his hook at Peter after he splattered him with yellow paint while working on painting the ship's logo.

Did they never leave port at all and – as the poet and philosopher Nelly once said – it was only just a dream? A short, wide bore shotgun flared at the muzzle it could be devastating at short range scattering lead balls in a wide arc at the enemy. GRENADO Frank Thomas was the directing animator of Hook. [11] [12] According to Disney's Platinum release bonus features, Hook was modeled after a Spanish King. One director insisted that Hook should be a darker villain with no comedic traits; but this was refused for fear of frightening a juvenile audience, and Hook became a comical villain, equally matched with Peter Pan. [10]

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In Fantasmic! at Disneyland, there is a scene in which we see Captain Hook and Peter Pan duelling aboard the Jolly Roger (portrayed by the Sailing Ship Columbia). This is replaced by a short re-enactment of Disney's Pocahontas at Disney's Hollywood Studios. In The Pirate Fairy, James mentions that he was educated at Eton College in England. The film also revealed that James once commanded a diverse crew, who were bent on sailing to various regions of the world to plunder national landmarks and wealthy cities. During an escapade involving the attempted theft of Pixie Hollow’s blue pixie dust, James lost his crew and became stranded at sea, just off the shores of Neverland. He would eventually be rescued by a kindly man named Mr. Smee.

Tangled: Rapunzel • Pascal • Flynn Rider • Maximus • Tiara Rapunzel • Mother Gothel • Wedding Maximus • Baby RapunzelCaptain Hook is one of the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost. He now has a daughter named Harriet Hook who leads a group of pirate children at Dragon Hall. Frozen: Elsa • Anna • Olaf • Sven • Kristoff • Marshmallow • Grand Pabbie • The Fire Spirit • Elsa the Snow Queen • Queen Anna • Diamond Elsa • Young Anna • Citrine Anna • Opal Olaf Peter Pan: The Second Star to the Right • You Can Fly • A Pirate's Life (Is a Wonderful Life) • Following the Leader • What Made the Red Man Red? • Your Mother and Mine • The Elegant Captain Hook • Never Smile at a Crocodile Mr. Smee is interpreted in Disney Channel's live-action film Descendants 3 by actor Faustino Di Bauda. In the film he has twin sons, Squeaky and Squirmy. In the novel The Isle of the Lost he also has a son called Sammy.

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